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We help organisations develop more resilient brand-, innovation- and business strategy.

01. Brand Resilience
02. Innovation Resilience
03. Business Resilience

Resilient brand strategy is informed by the future. It plans  how the brand will remain relevant for the long-term as well as prepares it to adapt quickly when the market changes.

Resilient innovation strategy combines foresight and insight to determine how a  business will create value for customers in the short, mid and long-term.

Resilient business strategy sets out the vision for the business and a set of strategic moves on how to reach it based on a careful analysis of future changes in the external environment and the internal business capabilities and assets.

We build resilience by combining Anticipation and Acceleration. This allows you to ride the waves of change and act fast when challenges or opportunities  arise.

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Identifying relevant futures to develop a business outlook and establish a portfolio of strategic moves to prepare the organisation.

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Validating and enhancing strategic moves through quick experiments and sprints. 

We help organisations develop more resilient brand-, innovation- and business strategy.

01. Brand Anticipation

We analyse cultural- and category trends  and the evolving competitive landscape to identify the future competitive positioning of your brand: who will be you future target, what will be your USP and how do you engage with future customers across brand touchpoint?

02.  Brand Acceleration

To validate your brand's future positioning and enable you to quickly pivot and start , we develop and validate brand concepts at speed with your target audience. This includes testing and developing ad concepts, content marketing or sales collateral. 

01. Innovation Anticipation

Through rigourous analysis of the future landscape - macro trends, evolving  consumer needs and emerging category shifts - we identify future opportunities.  By connecting these to your strategic assets, we develop innovation platforms across the short- mid- and long term. 

02.  Innovation Acceleration

To identify critical features and validate your  innovation platforms we develop and test new product, service or retail concepts with early adopters. This helps you to quickly prepare for a market test or prototype improvements.

01. Business Anticipation

Based on your business strategy and needs, we use a set of foresight techniques to identify macro trends. As a result we develop future scenarios pertinent to your business that prepare you for critical threats as well as promising opportunities. This provides your business with strategic direction, but also enables it to spot and respond quickly to changes in the external environment.

02.  Business Acceleration

To help your business accelerate strategic moves that prepare it for the future we help build proof of principle. This can either be through brand acceleration or innovation acceleration.

Additionally, after impactful market events, we help you to quickly update your strategic foresight by refreshing current scenarios and identifying new scenarios if relevant.






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