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Scenario Planning


The futures team from our client, a global apparel business, approached us to help them develop a long term view on the business. They wanted to understand different plausible future scenarios and how those would impact the business.


We started the process with interviews with senior stakeholders from across the business. This helped us understand the user needs for the scenarios and gave us a clear insight into the current business strategy.
Based on extensive macro-environmental research and Delphi-method research with global experts we mapped the key forces influencing the future. In close collaboration with the client’s futures team we then developed far future scenarios (10+ years out).
We focused on a set of scenarios that was broad enough to open up the company's view on the future but narrow enough to be relevant to the business strategy. The scenarios used storytelling to immerse the reader in the future and each scenario was accompanied with implications in terms of business configuration, offer and experience.


The client used the future scenarios in their annual strategy planning days where the global executive board comes together to plan for the long term and align the different business units.

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