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Positioninig and Proposition


Our client was an international developer who had identified one of their commercial assets in California as a mixed-use redevelopment opportunity. Most of the plans had been signed off by the council, but now they still needed a strategic vision to guide the redevelopment and create an appealing destination.


The first phase of the project mapped the future place identity of the area through expert interviews and research into planned (residential, commercial, office and public) developments in the area. This gave us an idea of cultural shifts in the area as well as demographic shifts and changes in the offer of the area.
Based on the future landscape we selected key growth mosaic segments to conduct further ethnographic interviews with. Through in-depth ethnography we established a picture of what the future community identity of the area would look like: capturing their various values, lifestyles and needs.
Finally we conducted a gap analysis to identify key opportunities in terms of the development’s positioning. The final deliverable was a strategic vision for the redevelopment with an accompanying creative concept for the design strategy.


The strategic framework and creative vision informed the development plans of the asset as well as the leasing strategy.

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