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Innovation Sprint


The client was a global consumer technology company who wanted to explore in more detail the industry trend around mobile journalism. More specifically, they wanted to understand the needs at each point in a mobile journalist's workflow and identify products or services to meet these needs.


We used a sprint process to quickly develop, test and validate product and service ideas.
We organised interviews with different types of early adopter journalists and mobile artists to understand their workflow from finding a story to content publication. During the interview we also tested initial product prototypes and service concepts. Through the research, we validated the opportunity and some of the proposed prototypes, but also unearthed additional strategic opportunities.


The innovation sprint further shaped the product strategy for a range of new products targeted at the growing niche of mobile journalism.
Additionally, the work helped to demonstrate to global HQ the value of this opportunity and led to the decision to make it a priority growth opportunity with a significant budget.

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