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Innovation Sprint


The client was the global head of the VIP customers at a global luxury e-commerce player. As part of their exclusive services to VIP clients, they have a concierge service that sources the most in-demand luxury products. Given the strong growth in VIP spending, the ambition was to expand the service offer for high-spending customers and further strengthen the exclusive brand image.


As a first step, we conducted a thorough trend analysis of the luxury landscape with a particular focus on (U)HNW customers. This helped to identify emerging opportunity areas. Next we conducted stakeholder interviews and an internal brand audit to connect the areas of opportunity with the business' unique strengths. Finally, we conducted a workshop with the different team members from the different offices to develop a new service value proposition with a strategic roadmap.


The work was presented to the executive team and adopted as part of the 3 year strategy. Additionally, the plans were shared with key suppliers (luxury conglomerates) to negotiate exclusive partnerships.

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