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Meet the founder, Sébastien Van Laere

Drawn to London's many galleries and world-class museums, Sébastien calls the city home. Originally hailing from Belgium, he grew up in an international setting  which instilled in him a deep appreciation for culture and travel. His fascination with people led him to pursue a masters in both cognitive psychology and marketing. In his 15+ years career, he has worked globally with senior business leaders across sectors including fashion, luxury, retail, financial services, spirits and media.

After director roles at The Future Laboratory and Havas, Sébastien started Superframe to help high-end businesses craft brands that people dream of. In today’s fast-moving, data-abundant world, it is challenging to identify what matters and to plan ahead. To succeed in this environment, Sébastien believes in building a holistic picture that includes the company, the category, the macro-environment and the consumer. This richer, more nuanced understanding enables businesses to look ahead and develop an offer that  resonates with people.


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